It was such a pain! This mute button is in solid red if you don’t mute the audio. For Audio Device, select Yeti Stereo Microphone, press Close. This is important to remember, as you should speak or broadcast sound into the side of the receiver if you want your recordings to be of maximal quality, not into the front or the top. Also, in the front of the mic, there is a volume knob to control the volume on your headphones. Under Recording, select Device: Yeti Stereo Microphone, press OK. Make sure the Mute button on the Yeti is solid red and not blinking, then press the Record button on Audacity. Check your computer's onscreen menus to verify that Blue Microphones Yeti is selected as your output. The Blue Yeti and Audio Technica AT2020 are both great options for USB microphones. You can also see a Blue Yeti logo on the front side wherein you will also see the mute button. I highly recommend this microphone because it will give you high quality audio at an affordable price! Blue Yeti Shock Mount, Alloy Shockmount Reduces Vibration Noise Matching Mic Boom Arm, Compatible for Blue Yeti and Yeti Pro Microphone by YOUSHARES 4.4 out of 5 stars 257 $23.99 I’ve been using my Blue Yeti for a while now, but recently got a new laptop that has fans that are as loud as jet turbines when I’m screen recording… No amount of noise reduction can make the audio sound as good as it should. For more specific information about how to setup Yeti with MAC and PC, please see below. © Blue (Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics, LLC) 2019. Maximum sensitivity is directly in front of the Yeti where the audio will have the best clarity. I'd like to receive the free email course. Yeti derives its operating power from something called bus voltage, which is always present on your USB port. I am expereincing sound distortion with my blue yeti. Blue Yeti Pro. Along with my voice, it also took in loads of background noise, so you’ll have to record in a quiet place. It IS the best value for money microphone and works awesomely. Verify that the Yeti microphone is properly connected to your computer, and ensure that Blue Microphone's Yeti is the selected sound source, Verify that the indicator light on the Yeti is lit, and that the headphone plug is fully inserted into the headphone jack at the underside of the Yeti, Confirm that the headphone volume knob is turned up, with the tab pointing up to start. Turn the gain down to as low as possible without muting yourself. Move your mouse to the lower-right side of the screen to open the Windows 8.1 Charms Bar menu, choose Settings, select Control Panel, and click on Hardware and Sound. (PC). The Yeti Pro is a side address microphone. XLR Condenser Mic for Pro Recording and Streaming, See Blue's entire professional XLR microphone lineup, STUDIO HEADPHONES WITH BUILT-IN AUDIOPHILE AMP, Yeti is plug ‘n play with MAC and PC systems and is compatible with Mac OS X (10.4.11 or higher), Windows 8 (incl. This is an option if you are not able to record in a completely silent location. Sound quality is great apart from this but the distortion is making my recording unusable. Also, on the front side of the mic is where you have got … Hope life goes your way and thanks for this again. Trinith Anstine. Now That You Know How To Record Videos, Let’s Learn How to Edit Them. Bidirectional mode - This pattern mode sets up the Blue Yeti to pick up sound only from its front and its rear, making it ideal for anything involving two people, such as singing duets or interviews. Connect Yeti with the supplied USB cable. As long as the red LED is glowing, you've got power. The Blue Yeti is awesome when you’ve got the right settings! AUDACITY Your email address will not be published. Select New Project, and double click Vocal, Go to the GarageBand drop down menu, select Preferences..., and click Audio/MIDI. It turns out I had the microphone backwards. You're making a great choice for your future. The downspout is cut to a height that permits the rain water to flow into a barrel placed beneath it. The Yeti can record using four patterns—stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional. It will reduce the noise of air when you talk in front (the side with the Blue Yeti Logo) of the microphone. 2. OMG Thank you sooooooooooo much this is I think better than videos on YouTube for the same thing this help me out so much I had my gain almost half way and always had to turn the volume twist thing on the front of the yeti to get my voice louder and was confused why I had to turn the switch so low and thought there is no way I have to turn it this low by regular but anyways this helped me out sooooo much and I would have tons of more things to say about how helpful this was but I need to do stuff lol. Great post! The comparison here is between the Blue Yeti Pro and the Blue Yeti X. Open your computer's audio menu and verify that Blue Microphones Yeti is the selected sound source. Copyrighted RT Marketing | My Courses | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Sitemap | Hosted By Siteground, Free How to Start a Profitable Blog The Right Way Workshop, Get More Subscribers: 6 Hotspots To Place Your Email Opt-in Boxes, The Best Place For FREE High Quality, Royalty Free Stock Images, How To Get More People To Tweet Your Stuff With Beautiful Tweet Boxes, Buzzsumo Tutorial: How to Find Top Influencers Who'll Share Your Posts, How To Spy On Your Competitor's Facebook Page With Fanpage Karma. *, * For information about how to set up Yeti Pro, please visit the Yeti Pro Specifications page. So, when you plug in your Yeti, make sure that the speaker/headphone volume is turned down, and your speakers are far enough away from the microphone to avoid a potential feedback loop. After recording 3 hours of video, I opened it on my computer and realized that the audio was distorted and a pain to listen to. On the back of the microphone is where there is going to be your gain knob. Mrs. Raeylan Tan you are my best friend who i’ll probably never meet in person but if I did there would be lots of hugs to give in appreciation much props to you and good bye and thank you. As this is a USB microphone, it gets connected just by plug and play system. Yeti does not require batteries. We expected the box to look like World of Warcraft entirely, but that isn’t the case. In some recording software you can enable suppression that will cancel out any sounds that are too soft basically elimination background sound. Decrease the microphone gain by turning the microphone gain knob counterclockwise or try increasing the distance between your Yeti and your sound source. How do you change the modes? A side address microphone accepts sound from an angle perpendicular to the mic as opposed to a front address mic where you speak into the "end" of the microphone. Make sure the Mute button on the Yeti is solid red and not blinking. The mute has also got a LED that starts flashing on muted and glows red on unmuted. It’s that good. Raising the arm will get it away from your keyboard clicks and desk bumps. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Using the 4 Modes of the Blue Yeti Microphone Click Here to Access My Free Resource Library For A Ton Of Goodies to Skyrocket Your Blog + Biz Growth >> It turns out that you’ll need to adjust some settings for it to work nicely. of this series: How to Edit Your Videos With Screenflow! While the gain knob adjusts the loudness being captured by the mic. I am using audacity, which worked fine with my previous $10 mic. Buy Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming on PC and Mac, 3 Condenser Capsules, 4 Pickup Patterns, Headphone Output and Volume Control, Mic Gain Control, Adjustable Stand, Plug & Play - Platinum: Musical Instruments - … Page 8 1. Yes, Yeti is compatible with Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8! The Blue Yeti comes with two adjuster knobs on the microphone stand’s side to let you fold it inwardly for easy storage and outwardly when recording. There was once I was recording the audio for a new product I was gonna launch. When you talk into the mic, you want it upright like you see it in the picture above. The Blue Yeti is a professional multi-pattern USB mic for recording and streaming. It must be connected to a USB port in order to function. Learn which one is the best option for you in this guide. I’ve tried using the yeti a) with and without a pop filter, b) recording in various different rooms and c) varying the distance I am from the mic and varying the gain. Those sounds do not record at all. DO. Also check that the status light is illuminated. And record in comfort with Yeti’s side-address operation—just speak, sing or play into the Yeti on the same side as the Blue logo to capture pro sound. Perfect answer to my question! Go to the Studio One drop down menu, choose Options… and select Audio Setup. No, the Yeti features digital output only. Success! The front of a Blue Yeti is the side that has the Blue logo. Give it a few inches at least. You’re welcome! Ah,then you definitely need to turn the gain down! On the front side of the mic, you have got the Blue logo and below the logo is where you have got the mute button. Required fields are marked *. But when using the omnidirectional pattern, you can be at any position around the microphone. Select the Playback tab, choose Yeti Stereo Microphone, and click the Set Default button. Experience the creative freedom of an entire mic locker—in a single microphone. The Yeti does a really great job of recording high quality 16-Bit 48 kHz sound with clear, sharp audio. A side-address microphone accepts sound from an angle perpendicular to the mic—as opposed to a front-address mic, which accepts sound from the “end” of the microphone. If you’re interviewing someone, the bidirectional mode would be best. The info on the Yeti Microphone was insightful. Dumb question — which is the “front” of the mic for Cardioid mode? Use this site only if you are happy with it :), A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating & Recording Awesome Videos For Your Business, How I Got Over My Fears & Recorded My First Video, The 5 Best Microphones Recommended By Entrepreneurs For Online Video Creation, Blue Yeti Tutorial: How To Use The Blue Yeti Microphone To Get Clear Audio For Your Videos, The Blue Yeti’s 4 modes and adjusting the gain settings, The optimal setting for your Blue Yeti Microphone to get better sound quality, Everything you need to know to get clear audio for your Blue Yeti Microphone, Eliminate any background noise possible (Eg turn off the fan, turn off your Xbox etc), Make sure you’re speaking into the Mic from the side. Get everything you need to start streaming, gaming and recording fast with Blue’s exclusive software bundles. There was an error submitting your subscription. The Blue Yeti isn't an end-address microphone but a side-address microphone. I tried adjusting dials and the cord. Increase the microphone gain by turning the microphone gain knob clockwise or try decreasing the distance between your Yeti and your sound source. The Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition came in a grey-themed box, similar to the original Blue Yeti X. The mic is also reasonably sensitive off to the right and left but it rapidly falls off as you move round to the rear of the microphone. Depending on your application, your OS may have sufficient features to utilize the capabilities of Yeti. THANK YOU! Anytime you use a microphone in conjunction with live speakers or open back headphones, there is a potential for feedback. When the red light on the button is a solid red, the microphone is on. For months, i would shy away from recording stuff under the impression that my yeti mic was bad. Crank the gain down to as low as possible (but make sure you don’t sound too soft). Check your computer's onscreen menus to verify that Blue Microphones Yeti is selected as your output. Made a huge difference. The Yeti Pro is a side address microphone. The microphone captures sound from the sides of the mic grill, not the top. « The 5 Best Microphones Used By Entrepreneurs To Create Videos Online, How To Spy On Your Competitor’s Facebook Page With Fanpage Karma ». side-address microphone. Under Recording, select Yeti Stereo Microphone, press Close. There’s a knob at the back of the mike! –The Verge "There's a reason Blue microphones tend to show up in a lot of 'best' guides." I was searching all over the internet for this answer! - My latest blog content The microphone arm still picks up vibrations from the desk if it's attached, but not as much as the default stand. Permits are necessary if your truck exceeds certain state regulations. The Stereo setting captures sound in front and to the sides of the mic. Press the Record button on the new track you just created, then press the Record button on the Transport at the bottom of the Studio One Artist screen. –PC Gamer All rights reserved. Open your computer's audio menu and verify that Blue Microphones Yeti is the selected sound source. But, to get the most out of your Yeti, you'll want to have some kind of software that allows for digital signal processing and non-linear editing that will accept audio from the USB port. If you turn up at any forum or discussion about microphones for video creation, there’s a 95% chance that you’ll be recommended this microphone.